Monday, July 27, 2009

What I'm Writing: 10.1

I finished Chapter 9. Turned out to have four scenes, with a couple POV switches in the lengthy second scene. What I thought would be the final scene turned out to be too long, so I took another scene from elsewhere in the book and booted the original 9.4 down into Chapter 10. I think that will work. A lot of stuff I wrote in the last draft is just not going to make it into this one, I can see. Oh well.

Then a new scene came into my head and demanded to be the opening for Chapter 10. I'm almost done with that. Maybe I am done. It changes the dynamic of the following scene, of course. The hero is beginning to have his doubts about what first seemed such a no-brainer of a bargain. No-brainer undertakings don't suit him quite as well as they used to do.

Constantly, I have to make a deliberate effort to get back to the external conflict/plot movement. The quiet h/h scenes, in which they learn more about one another and correct their perceptions, are just inherently more interesting to me.

This weekend is the awards dinner for the contest in which I've finaled. I'm really looking forward to it. When I went as a finalist two years ago, I didn't enjoy one minute - I had butterflies in my stomach all evening, worrying about whether I'd win (or place or show) or not. I can't even remember what we ate for dinner. This year, with a better appreciation of what an honor it is just to be a finalist, I'm going to have a better attitude. I'm looking forward to meeting the other romance writers who presumably will be sitting at my table, and I'm going to enjoy the heck out of whatever food they give us to eat.

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