Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Going Temporarily Dark

Must cease blogging in favor of finishing manuscript. I'd wanted to write about Don't Tempt Me, and write more about Bound by Your Touch, but I will have to defer those thoughts.

Except to say that the wedding-night scene in Don't Tempt me made me squirm, and not in a good way! And I say this as a full-on Loretta Chase fan!

The Madness of Lord Ian McKenzie came in on my library account, and I had to put it right back in the mechanical chute. (Cutting-edge in its technology, our downtown library.) I've put Pam Rosenthal's Rita-winning The Edge of Impropriety on hold, but made the hold dormant until some time in September. Just got an e-mail notification that Written on Your Skin is waiting for me, and... I can't pass that one up. (Damn you, Meredith Duran! I will read it only in those moments where for whatever reason it's not possible for me to be writing.)

What I want to remember about winning the contest: 1) the instant, the surreal instant, in which that slide came up with my name on it, a second or two before the announcer read it out loud. 2) the idea of some one person reading all eight finalist entries and saying, "This one. This is the one I pick." 3) And everything else, of course.

Enough! Back to work!

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